198 Speers Road, Oakville Ontario. L6K 2E9
Phone: (905) 844Ė 4736
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We are a family based business that spans over 30 years and two generations. We have dealt with all manner of vacuums repairing, servicing and selling, different lines from different companies. Oakville Rangers, Burlington Plasma Oakville dream home, are some of the sponsorships and donations that have been made to and within the local community.

We have been in business for so long because we believe in offering the customer the best quality products for the best prices. The trend is towards box-stores where the sales personís are also selling paint the next day or are in the ceramic section the following day. We specialize in a few different types of products, (e.g. vacuums, water purification and air purification) therefore we are extremely knowledgeable, about what is out in the market, what is good for each individual customer, how our products work and why a specific product is right for you!

We repair, service, and carry parts for ALL makes and models of vacuums! Even the nearby box stores send there repair work to us or refer to us if there is a problem in one of our specialties that they cannot handle. We are warranty centers for Bissell, Shopvac, Husky, Samsung, Riccar, Sanitaire, and others.


What makes us different?

First, We sell a multitude of machines that are all top quality for there class. We DO NOT PUSH A SALE!
We provide information to best suit your needs and wants for a vacuum. There is no commissioned salesman.

There are truths to the vacuum industry that the consumer often never hears about. Since large conglomerates own and run the vacuum industry, superior machines from smaller manufacturers often do not get mentioned while inferior machines get front press. Here at Come Clean With Us, Oakville Vacuum we steer you clear of machines that consistently break down, whose parts are hard to find and are expensive. Instead we provide you with knowledge, our accumulative knowledge, for you to make an educated choice on the product youíre considering to buy. At one time or another we have sold and repaired all the major and minor brands, so we know the costs of parts and maintenance while also knowing the durability and lifespan of these vacuums.

The same goes for our water and air products. The differences are astounding whether they be price, or performance. Armed with decades of information and knowledge we like to educate the consumer allowing them to make a more effective purchase for their home. We are simply the best!

2 generations of Hellams run and work in this store.

Owner, proprietor is Fred Hellam, who has been working in the vacuum business for almost 40 years, whose brothers and other family members work and own other vacuum businessís in Ontario Canada.

Manager Darryl Hellam has grown up in the vacuum business handling all aspects of the business.  University Educated he believes in giving the customer information based on fact and common sense as opposed to relying on sales gimics and flashy advertisements.


We service anywhere from Hamilton to Toronto. We have done central installations as far away as Barrie, Bolton and Stoney Creek. We do jobs that others canít. Our guys are the best of the best doing what most people in the business consider to be impossible. In 30 years we have never been unable to install a central in a house.

Oakville Vacuum \ Come Clean With Us, specializes in repairing all types of vacuums. We give Free Estimates and generally return machines within 24 hours of drop off. Delivery service for repairs is offered at a minimum fee. Call for details  905 844 Ė 4736.

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